Trading Rules

We provide a communication service.

It is up to the seller to determine buyers credit on open accounts.

We provide you with a Feedback section which can become useful in determining

buyer/seller reliability. Please participate and be sure to write only your first hand experience.

PDUES (Past Due Accounts):

If payment has not been received after 45 days of a sale on the Gold Ticket, the yard wanting to collect can click on Past Dues and fill in the required information.

  • Name of yard not remitting payment
  • Date of Sale
  • Purchase Order Number(if one was used)
  • Item/part description and invoice number
  • Date that buying yard received merchandise
  • Name of person or contact who made purchase

Gold Ticket will invoice the yard being reported to Past Dues a PDUES fee of 2% of amount being reported.

If after 10 calendar days of being reported for non-payment, the reported yard still does not remit payment, Gold-Ticket office will deactivate membership for *non-compliance.

Any yard submitting a Past Due that has already been paid will be charged a False Reporting Fee of $20.00 per incident. *There will be a $100.00 re-activation fee for yards that have been deactivated due to non-compliance.

PANEL (Disputes):

If there is a dispute or misunderstanding between yards, please type to PANEL with the details.
The Panel consists of 9 fellow members elected by the Gold Ticket Members in November 2002. Each yard involved in the dispute chooses 1 panel member to sit out of the recommendation, leaving 7 panel members to recommend. The panel of 7 will review the dispute and render a recommendation.

If yards do not comply with the recommendation within 10 calendar days, the Gold-Ticket office will deactivate membership for *non-compliance.

*There will be a $100.00 re-activation fee for yards that have been deactivated due to non-compliance.

There is a feedback section for Automotive shops that pass out bad checks. Please paricipate in this section as it will help your fellow wrecker “weed out the deadbeats.”

Non-business belongs in the GAB line, although we specifically ask you to refrain from racial slurs, religion-bashing or any type of offensive message or material.

We do not pretend to be anything other then a communications company. If you have any suggestions as to how we can help you communicate better with your fellow wreckers please let us know.
We appreciate your feedback.