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Gold-Ticket has been providing reliable communication solutions to the close-knit community of licensed automobile wreckers and dismantlers in the United States for over 20 years. The service, designed to help these businesses find and request specific car parts, such as engines, transmissions, rear-ends, windows, lights, and more using our proprietary communication network, has a long history of dependable performance. If there is a dispute or misunderstanding between yards, they can reach out to a Panel of 7 members elected by the Gold Ticket Members to help resolve the issue.

Gold-Ticket recognizes the importance of the automobile wrecking community and is dedicated to providing reliable communication solutions to these businesses. The company stands behind the reliability and effectiveness of its system, and is committed to providing quality service to its customers. With a long history of providing dependable communication solutions to the close-knit community of licensed automobile wreckers and dismantlers, Gold-Ticket remains the ideal tool for these businesses to communicate and find the necessary parts to keep their operations running smoothly.

Gold-Ticket had humble beginnings as a small company based in the Inland Empire. Originally designed to facilitate communication between two automobile wrecker companies, the program eventually expanded to allow communication with other yards, and was named Gold-Ticket. At the start, the service only had a few customers, but as word spread of its inexpensive and dependable communication solutions, the service grew to include approximately 400 yards nationwide and over 700 countermen actively using the system.

Gold-Ticket’s success can be attributed to its many features and trading rules that appeal to customers, such as the Past Dues option and the dispute resolution mechanism. Past Dues is a feature that helps Gold-Ticket members collect on credit accounts to other members, providing an additional layer of security for those conducting business through the system. Gold-Ticket is committed to providing high-quality communication solutions and reliable customer support to the close-knit community of licensed automobile wreckers and dismantlers in the United States.

Gold-Ticket’s dispute resolution mechanism is an essential feature of the service, helping to resolve any misunderstandings or disputes that may arise between two yards. The system employs a panel of nine Gold-Ticket members, elected in November 2002, who will settle the dispute by consent. The losing yard is required to comply with the recommendation for the dispute or face removal for non-compliance.

In addition to dispute resolution, Gold-Ticket offers a range of other features that make it an exceptional communication solution for the automobile dismantling industry. For more information on trading rules, customers can click on the provided link or the Past Dues picture above. These features, along with Gold-Ticket’s commitment to providing reliable communication and customer support, make it a top choice for auto dismantlers and wrecking yards nationwide.