How it Works

Gold-Ticket operates on a main program located on the company’s server, which works in conjunction with the members program. Before a member can transmit messages, they must first be activated by the system administrator. Once activated, members can transmit messages to the entire system or directly to another member by typing the message on-screen.

The member’s screen displays a real-time stream of messages that can be reviewed, edited, and replied to. Members can filter out messages by choosing from several filter codes or filter out another member with the ignore function. All messages are stored in both the server and the member’s computers. When a member is offline and returns back online, the messages will automatically refresh, and the member will see any missed messages.

Periodically, the server is cleaned, and the messages are cleared. Gold-Ticket is committed to providing a reliable communication system to its members, ensuring that all messages are stored securely and accessible to members when they return to the network.