Company News

July 2010

New rules on Past Dues take effect on July 1, 2010. Starting July 1, 2010 a yard that gets reported to Past Dues by another yard will have a service fee added to their monthly bill. The fee is 2% of the amount owed. This fee is meant to discourage yards from going beyond the 45 day credit terms allowed. If the yard reporting has been paid before the report, that yard will be charged a False Reporting Fee of $20.00 per incident.

May 2010

Gold Ticket VOIP line is now the “California Line”. We merged our hotline members from the south (San Diego) and north (Bay Area) with our central “Gab Tel” line. This is now the “California Line” where a yard can find parts hard to find parts by speaking the part request into the microphone.

March 2010

Gold Ticket office has new business hours: Monday- Friday 8AM to 5PM Gold Ticket keeps on with membership drives. Our membership has exceeded 400 yards, but, since each yard can have multiple screens, our active participants are well over 800 users.

Nov 2009

We searched and found excellent people to help us with the daily operations at the Gold Ticket office. Please welcome. Susie Farias and Melissa Ruiz as they join the Gold Ticket team.

May 2009

Our VOIP Hotline has proven to be a hit. We will continue to improve on it as we go into our 3rd month of beta testing. We have invited Arizona to join Southern California on our VOIP Hotline. Also Northern California is helping us beta test a VOIP Hotline exclusively for their area.

March 2009

Never a dull moment we recently started trialing our new and improved VOIP Hotline. After research and development for more than 4 years, Lucas has come up with a much better system than our previous efforts. We are excited to test and implement this new system. To download your software for the VOIP hotline click here For Roster And Download

January 2009

We are excited over our recent growth. We just hired a new full time employee. Yes, she is related, she is our niece. Viviana Esparza comes to us as a recent grad from UCR. We are extremely fortunate to have Viviana working with us. She will be representing our company in events and she will be the friendly voice that answers when you call our 800 number.

March 2008

In our 6th year of operations, Gold Ticket Communications is quickly becoming the first choice for parts locating in Southern California. Gold Ticket is now a proven network for the serious auto dismantler. Parts requests on our network are exceeding our previous records. Membership is steadily increasing, especially in times of economic hardship. Our commitment to low rates and excellent service is definitely paying off for the auto dismantlers on our network. Gold Ticket participated in IADAs annual top gun counterman contest on March 20,2008. The Gold Ticket door prize of a navigation system was won by California Mini Truck. Gold Ticket also participated in the San Diego County Auto Recyclers Assoc. Casino Night. It was a very fun night. The Gold Ticket door prize of a navigation system was won by United Auto Wrecking. Our own George won cash from the casino night proceeds $150.00..thank you SDCARA!

April 2006

The Gold Ticket version 1.70 is released. This updated version allows the end-user to change the color of the screen’s background and it also allows the end-user to change the font type and size. We will continue to update the program as needed.

March 2006

Gold Ticket is proud to participate in the Top Gun contest for IADA. IADA had an excellent attendance this year. The Gold Ticket owner’s drawing door prize of a Dell computer system was won by M&M Beaumont.

November 2005

Gold Ticket is proud to participate in the Top Gun Contest for ADASC. ADASC’s first annual X-Treme counterman games was different and fun. The Gold Ticket owner’s drawing door prize of a Dell computer system was won by Rocco’s in Santa Ana.

Gold Ticket is proud to participate in the Top Gun contest for SDCARA. SDCARA had a very competitive contest. The Gold Ticket owner’s door prize of a Dell computer system was won by El Cajon Auto Wrecking.

June to September 2005

In an effort to increase membership, Gold Ticket had Robert Martin and Cris Zepeda visiting Southern California yards to demonstrate and facilitate enrollment in our system. This summer program yielded about 50 new members for Gold Ticket.

This exposure has since increased membership tremendously.

January 12, 2005

Gold Ticket introduced its voice hotline in 2005. This new VOIP hotline is available exclusively to Gold Ticket members. With simple equipment provided by Gold Ticket, our members can participate in a live voice trading line. The hotline is available on a free trial until March 1, 2005. The monthly rate has yet to be determined. Gold ticket will continue to be a dynamic, democratic, and inexpensive tool for the auto dismantler.

To join our hotline the member must have:

  1. DSL or broadband connection to internet
  2. Sound card and speakers on your computer system.

Gold Ticket provides the member with:

  1. Telephone
  2. computer interface box

June 18, 2004

Gold Ticket is going strong. We are now in our 22nd month of operation. Membership is increasing steadily, while eliminating the yards that conduct business unethically. The Gold Ticket line is fast becoming the most valuable tool for the auto dismantler. Many transactions are being finalized over this system every minute.

In our marketing efforts we will be part of the ADASAC trade show on July 21, 2004. We will also be part of the SCADA convention on September 9-12, 2004.

New and exciting additions will be coming for our members in 2005!

November 7, 2003

Gold Ticket Communications is well on its way to becoming the first choice in parts locating systems for the professional auto dismantler.

September 27, 2003 was a day of celebration for Gold Ticket Communications.
Gold Ticket marked it’s one year anniversary by hosting 5 Bar-B-Q’s at 5 different Southern California locations our host yards were:

All California in Duarte
Carson in Long Beach
Crossroads in Mira Loma
International in Sun Valley
South Bay in Chula Vista

Here are some snap shots of the “First Annual Gold Ticket Anniversary BBQ” Click here

Looking forward Gold Ticket is actively marketing to all of the Western U.S. regions Including:

New Mexico

May 6, 2003

Off to a tremendous start, in its first 6 months, the Gold Ticket communication line has introduced its system to over 400 yards across the country. Currently we are running a Western States campaign. This includes a mail piece going out to all the yards in California, Nevada and Arizona; participation in the SCADA (State of California Auto Dismantling Association) convention in August 22-23, 2003; and field visits to local yards so that they can see a demonstration of the Gold Ticket system, live.

The Gold Ticket is keeping its promises. We recently donated our first month of fees collected in March, 2003 to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The fees donated, totaled $6,793.00. Please view the acknowledgement letter. We are delighted to donate the first fruits of the Gold Ticket to such a worthy cause. To learn more about the Make-A-Wish Foundation go to

The Gold Ticket continues to run over 1700 system messages a day. We are on track to launch the Gold Ticket update. This update will hyperlink to e-mail so you may attach pictures on the fly and hyperlink to web-sites so you may search inventories available or visit the yard’s web page by clicking the link directly from the Gold Ticket program. We are currently testing the program; it is still about 3 months from launch.

Febuary 1, 2003The Gold-Ticket is off to a tremendous start. When we first started on September 5, 2002, we had aggressive goals for the Gold-Ticket. We set our goals at 200 active screen by the end of 2002. Thanks to the help and commitment of all the members, weve exceeded our goals by 100%. We currently have 425 active screens and growing daily. See Map of yards on Gold Ticket.

We recently initiated a Past Due and Dispute resolutions for transactions that take place on the Gold-Ticket. See Trading Rules

Our Web-Page has a subscription feature where you can choose to pay your Gold Ticket automatically. Simply input your credit card information once and your Gold Ticket will be taken care of automatically.

We are very excited about the new software upgrades, due out soon. This upgrade will have the following enhancements; color, regional filters, type filters, private message alerts, buddy lists, live links to e-mail and web-pages, ohand the Classic version of the Gold Ticket. These new features will maximize the efficiency of the Gold Ticket system.

Thank you for visiting the Gold Ticket web page, return to our company news for future developments. GOLD TICKET RULES!!