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Gold-Ticket is a communications service available to automobile dismantlers, auto recyclers, and wrecking yards across the country. This professional service is not a messaging service, and is only available to those wrecking yards or auto dismantlers that are licensed from their respective state. Using this system, these yards can either use the old-fashioned teletype where they can type in car parts that they need or they can use our new VOIP hotline, where yards can send voice messages requesting car parts. On both of these, a yard can either send messages through the entire system, or just to another user. Afterwards, a wrecking yard can reply to this message saying that they have the auto parts, such as recycled engines. These systems are easy to use, and, if there are any questions, a friendly person is waiting to help you on the other end of our technical assistance phone number, found on the contact info page. The system goes through constant maintenance to make sure that Gold-Ticket is the perfect auto part finder. Gold-Ticket is dependable and inexpensive, succeeding daily in being the best communication tool used in th

Title Salvage
Year 2013
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